East Waikiki Child and Parenting Centre

TAG Architects have designed the Child and Parent Centre at East Waikiki Primary School to be welcome and inviting; providing light filled and engaging spaces. The buildings comprise, one health room to child health clinic / paediatric standards, two consulting rooms, and two group room/s separated by an operable wall, where a number of activities can be provided.

Child and Parent Centres improve access to a range of programs and services that support families to provide a better start in life for their young children. The CPC Initiative is to reduce the level of vulnerability of children within CPC communities and increase successful transitions into, and engagement with schooling. Whilst the CPC facilities are located at the school site, they are for community access and use, providing programs and services for families and young children aged from birth to eight years who live within a CPC community – including the host school and other public and non-government schools within reasonable proximity.

Client:Building Management and Works - Department of Education

Location:East Waikiki