Ballajura Police Station

Ballajura Police Station was designed with the vision of an interactive community hub, promoting a non-threatening and respectful public image for WA Police.  The building has a welcoming aesthetic whilst still attaining a level of gravitas and civic presence that identifies as a Police Station. The low-scaled building form reflects its semi-suburban context, whilst still referencing the neighboring Ballajura Community College campus.

The roof form is a simple gable which extends to form clerestory windows over the internal corridor space, which with the double height volume provides an opportunity to draw natural light. This central spine, also known as “The Street”, is where the day-to-day policing duties take place, where police officers meet and greet each other and also provides the central circulation for the building, branching out to various other functions. The balance of scale, and chosen materiality delicately embeds the Ballajura Police Station into its setting, while still retaining a modest but meaningful signal of the station’s public function.

Client:Building Management and Works - West Australian Police