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WKRP feature: Steel Profile

15 Nov 2013

TAG Architects and iredale pedersen hook architects’ most recently awarded project West Kimberley Regional Prison is the cover feature of Steel Profile Magazine’s November issue.

Jurg Hunziker (Director, TAG Architects) and Adrian Iredale (Director, iredale pedersen hook) provide insight not only into the Indigenous prison’s management philosophy but also discuss the practical design, contract documentation and construction challenges experienced on the project.

Focusing on the innovative use of steel, the architects justify the appropriateness of their material selection for the remote location experiencing high temperatures, monsoonal rainfall and cyclonic conditions.

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The Steel Profile Panel observed the following;

“The numerous buildings in this expansive prison project – 42 in all – speak of humility, and the use of lightweight steel framing and cladding is the common language that unites them.

“Arising from an immensely challenging brief that contends with a series of confronting social issues, the architecture aims to help facilitate change within a culturally sensitive environment.

“For us, the buildings are noteworthy for their simplicity, but the more compelling ideas are about the space between buildings – the organisation of the elements and their relationship to one another and the landscape, and how steel has been strategically used to create a cohesive whole.

“We especially like the non-institutional nature of the prison, and appreciate the robustness and carefully considered detailing of the steel work.”

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Images courtesy Steel Profile Magazine: Steel Innovation with Bluescope Issue 116 November 2013 pp. cover, 4-11