New minimum security unit to support rehabilitation at Bunbury Prison

30 Oct 2008

TAG attended Bunbury Regional Prison to witness the official opening of the new Minimum Security Unit.

Corrective Services Minister Hon. Christian Porter opened the project by TAG Architects / HASSELL in association, explaining:

“The philosophy behind this facility’s design is based on a ‘self-care’ model where prisoners are given full responsibility for caring for themselves, in an environment where they learn the value of respecting their fellow prisoners and contributing meaningfully to their community”.

The ceremony took place inside the new Multi-Function Centre at the Minimum Security Unit, overlooking the Civic Courtyard. Guests were permitted a tour to gain understanding of how civic buildings could impart a sense of social responsibility to prisoners.

A tour through the simplest of facilities; the prison supermarket, highlighted the importance of simple yet essential skills paramount to release into the community.

The facility comprises three clustered ‘self-care’ housing domains arranged around a central recreation area, while appropriately scaled infrastructure buildings to the south provide integral education, health, and life skills services.

External to the secure perimeter, a double volume Multi-Function Centre emerges to present a gateway for visitors and external parties in an informal but controlled environment.

The project also included a new Health Centre and upgrades to the prison’s commercial kitchen facilities.

“Through continuous improvement to programs and other opportunities to support prisoners prior to and on their release, there is a strong chance that we will be able to reduce the rate of incarceration.”

Read the full Ministerial Statement.

Click for more information and images of the Bunbury Regional Prison Minimum Security Unit.